Savage Earth Associates Limited

  1. geochemical modelling of the evolution of engineered barriers and their interactions with rocks and groundwaters

  2. the application of natural systems data in safety/risk assessment

  3. interpretation and modelling of geochemical data from laboratory and in situ experiments

  4. modelling contaminant migration

  5. systems analysis of the geological storage of carbon dioxide

  6. design and performance of engineered and natural barrier systems

  7. characterisation of porosity/permeability modifying reactions in resource reservoirs

  8. planning of data acquisition and interpretation of hydrochemical data in site characterisation

We seek to provide high quality and innovative solutions based on experience over four decades in applied earth science.


Savage Earth Associates Ltd carries out research in geology and geochemistry, working in the fields of geological disposal of radioactive wastes, carbon sequestration, and geothermal energy.  Although based on the Jurassic Dorset coastline in the UK, much of our work is overseas for clients in Sweden, Switzerland, Japan, France and Finland.

Who we are